F.A.Q’s on NGV

This is a page for all the frequently asked questions on NGV :
1. Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV)?
Yes! It is natural gas under pressure in cylinders, placed in your car boot compartment.

2. Can my petrol cost be really cut by 75 %?
Yes! The price of NGV is only about half the price of petrol. Petrol price is RM 1.92 per litre while NGV price is 0.68cents per litre. So your petrol cost will definitely be cut by about 75%.

3. Will it affect my car’s engine ?
Not at all! NGV is a clean fuel. It makes your engine run cleaner and quieter. So, definitely NGV can reduce your service maintenance bill.

4. Is it safe to fix NGV in my car ?
NGV has been in use overseas since 1945. Today, more than 1,000,000 vehicles use NGV all over the world. And there has not been any serious accident caused by NGV.

5. What about the storage cylinders, are they strong ?
Unlike a petrol tank, the storage cylinders are so strong they can withstand direct impact from a car speeding at 90 km/hr or a small calibre bullet.

6. What about the gas inside ?
The NGV inside is so much lighter than air, it just disappears into the air quickly in case of leakage. It also does not ignite easily.

7. Where do I refill NGV ?
At any Petronas NGV outlet. Look for the NGV sign.

8. What about road tax for my car ?
You get 25% deduction for your road tax. This clearly shows the Government’s commitment to NGV.

9. Can I use both – petrol and NGV ?
Yes! You can use either NGV or petrol after fixing the NGV kit in your car.

10. Is it environment-friendly ?
Yes! It definitely is! No black smoke! No lead! It keeps Malaysia’s air clean and people healthy.