JPJ procedure for NGV inspection – Private Vehicles

Puspakom Inspection procedure

One of the most frequently asked question is about the JPJ approval and how do get it done. We would like to inform that ANY vehicle can be approved by JPJ as long as it complies with the procedure for the NGV conversion. The law in Malaysia does not specify particularly that once a NGV conversion is done it should show up at Puspakom & JPJ the very next day itself, but nevertheless we recommend all NGV users to complete the formalities at the earliest possible time to safe gaurd them self. JPJ registration helps in the following ways:

The govenment can keep track about the NGV users & developments in the NGV industry.
You are entitled to a discount of 25 % on your Road Tax
Once your car is registered with JPJ the insurance companies cannot turn down your claim in case of an accident.

The procedure would be as follows:

After the successful conversion take the car for a test drive and make sure you are satisfied with the way the job was done and also the performance. One everything OK the installer will give you a set of documents which will include :
DOSH certificate for the cylinder approval
SIRIM certificate for the NGV regulator test report
MLVK certificate of the licensed installer
JPJ certificate of the Category ” C ” workshop
Installers certificate containing details of the installation date, serial number of the products used ,etc

Now you can proceed to Puspakom. Along with the above set of documents please carry your original Car Registration Certificate and your IC.
At the Puspakom entrance fill up the form and select ” NGV Inspection”
Pay the inspection fee and submit the all the above papers at the counter
Wait for your inspection turn at the testing area
Once the officer is satisfied that there is no gas leak, he will take impression of your engine & chassis numbers and ask you to park the car beyond the test area and wait at the office room
The Puspakom LULUS certificate is printed and passed to you along with all your original documents which you submitted earlier. This certificate is valid for one month. Before the expiry of this certifciate you are expected to go to the JPJ for endorsement.

JPJ registration procedure for NGV

Now go to the JPJ office with all the original documents mentioned above along with the Puspakom certificate. Take extra photocopies of these papers if possible
Mention “NGV endorsement” and take a token at the reception counter
Fill up the necessary forms and put it in a folder or file and be ready.
At your turn, submit all the documents and wait for some time or ask if you can come back later depending on the rush at the office.
Once the papers are verified and processed they will endorse your original Car registration card as ” Bahan Bakar : PETROL dan gas asli ( NGV ) ”
From this moment on you are automatically entitled for a 25% discount on your road tax.

Please send a copy of your Car registration card to your insurance company and inform them about the changes. Make sure you get an acknowledgement from them in this regard to save yourselves from future trouble, in case you have an accident later.

JPJ procedure for NGV inspection – Commercial vehicles :

The procedure for commercial vehicles is a little different from private vehicles
Please follow the step by step procedure for commercial vehicles NGV inspection

Given below is the check list of all documents needed to submitted at JPJ and Puspakom for the NGV approval: