NGV Products

We at Itallia NGV have the right solutions for both PETROL & DIESEL Engines.

For Petrol Engines – we have Mixer system and Sequential System
For Diesel Engines – we have DDF ( Diesel Dual Fuel ) and DCS (Dedicated CNG Solution )

Under Petrol Engine, a car is usually sub classified as

      Carburetor Engine or


    EFI ( Electronic Fuel Injection ) Engine

So, for the Petrol Vehicles we recommend Mixer system for the carburetor engines and sequential system for the EFI engines for better performance. But, it may be noted that some EFI cars can also run on the mixer sytem too. For e.g Proton Wira, Waja & Persona runs well with the mixer system.

And for the Diesel vehicles we strongly recommend the DDF system ( Diesel Dual Fuel ) as its very cost effective in terms of NGV Installation, NGV maintenance and overall performance

NGV cylinders

Video showing the interview with our cylinder suppliers in India

NGV SequentialSystem

The video below show the installation of a NGV Sequential System in a car