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NGV Sequential System

There are basically two types of NGV systems in the market now. They are the ‘Mixer System’ & the ‘Sequential System’
Now let us review the Pros and Cons of the Sequential System

1. Technologically very advanced and so suitable for high end and premium cars
2. No Back Fire
3. No Engine Stalling (Engine Matti) during turns or traffic light
4. More feeling like Petrol performance
5. Since its fully computerised and the tuning is done by software, the tuning can be done to increase or decrease the power of the engine at various RPM levels to suit the requirements of the customer
6. Can be tuned for ‘High Performance’ or for ‘Economy Drive’ as per the customers wish
7. Transition from PETROL to GAS and vice versa is very smooth and easy
8. Automatically changes to Petrol mode once the gas in the NGV tank is finished
9. Every time the car is started, it takes time for the system to switch over from Petrol to NGV Gas. This feature protect engine from damage. Four condition has to be met for the engine to changeover to NGV such as a) Engine has to be Warmed Up, b) Temperature in the NGV reducer should be suitable c) Engine should then attain the desired RPM levels which is usually 2000 RPMs and of course d) there should be enough gas in the NGV cylinder :)

1. Entry level cost / Installation cost is higher than the traditional Mixer System
2. Maintenance cost can be high over the long term and beyond warranty period
3. Takes more time to install the NGV system ( usually 2 days or more )
4. Takes more time to repair / maintain the system
5. Help is not available everywhere. Customers can go only to the workshop where it was installed or any other workshop which carries the same TUNING SOFTWARE and the necessary cables & hardware
6. Must drill holes in the engine manifold to let the NGV gas inside the engine chamber

Our Recommendation:
We strongly recommend the above sequential systems for new generation cars, premium cars, cars with plastic manifold and cars that cannot use the Mixer systems due to technical reasons.


Italia NGV is a reliable and professional NGV installer in Malaysia. Please call us at 015-48409252 or 012-7826252

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NGV Products

We at Itallia NGV have the right solutions for both PETROL & DIESEL Engines.

For Petrol Engines – we have Mixer system and Sequential System
For Diesel Engines – we have DDF ( Diesel Dual Fuel ) and DCS (Dedicated CNG Solution )

Under Petrol Engine, a car is usually sub classified as

      Carburetor Engine or


    EFI ( Electronic Fuel Injection ) Engine

So, for the Petrol Vehicles we recommend Mixer system for the carburetor engines and sequential system for the EFI engines for better performance. But, it may be noted that some EFI cars can also run on the mixer sytem too. For e.g Proton Wira, Waja & Persona runs well with the mixer system.

And for the Diesel vehicles we strongly recommend the DDF system ( Diesel Dual Fuel ) as its very cost effective in terms of NGV Installation, NGV maintenance and overall performance